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This is The Construction Leading Edge podcast (, my name is Todd Dawalt, and my job is to help you grow your leadership skills, grow your business and grow your income.

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In this episode, I interview Chris Fussell. He is the Chief Growth Officer at McChrystal Group. He's an author of the New York Times bestseller, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World.

Chris was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1997, and spent the next 15 years on US Navy SEAL Teams, leading SEAL elements in combat zones around the globe, including Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

A few years ago, Chris left the Naval Special Warfare Development Group to join the McChrystal Group. They are a leadership and management consultancy composed of a mix of folks from the military, academic, business, and technology sectors. Their consultants specialize in transforming stagnant and siloed organizations into cohesive, adaptable “teams of teams”.

In a nutshell, in this interview you will learn about how the military special operations leadership had to change their approach during the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the principles they developed apply to business today. You will learn about distributed networks, what empowered execution is and how to create a shared consciousness.

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Here's how you can learn more about and connect with Chris:

His book: Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World
The McChrystal Group -
Twitter - @fussellchris

Chris' articles:
The biggest career lesson this Navy SEAL learned in Iraq - Fortune Magazine

Why Special Ops Stopped Relying So Much on Top-Down Leadership - Harvard Business Review


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