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Do you have a construction workforce problem? One solution is to keep the talent you currently have...

Welcome to Episode #49 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from, which takes another swing at helping you solve the skilled construction workforce shortage and/or staffing deficit you are facing.

How do I find good talent?  How can I keep other companies from stealing my people?

What do I have to do to keep my good employees from leaving? How much should I offer to pay someone?

How do I go about finding a better job?  Can a recruiter/headhunter really help me?

If these are questions you have asked.....

Then this podcast episode is for you.

Eli White is an expert at finding talent for construction companies, and helping talented construction professionals find their next career opportunity.

In this podcast, we cover topics including....

  • What you need to be doing with your construction workforce NOW so you survive the next recession.
  • What it means that you are in an "employee's market."
  • The surprising and simple thing many companies are NOT DOING to solve their construction workforce problem.
  • Tips for recruiting, training and managing millennials.
  • Opportunity mapping
  • How you can figure out the right compensation package to offer a new employee.
  • How to work with a recruiter if you are looking for the next career opportunity.

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