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Welcome to Episode 57 of The Construction Leading edge podcast from, THE construction podcast for small construction business owners, where my job is to grow your leadership skills, grow your business and grow your income.

Ready to put your construction business into overdrive?

In this construction podcast episode you'll learn some secrets about Owner's Reps.  If you're an owner's rep, you'll learn how to be a more effective one.  If you're a contractor, you'll learn how to deal more effectively with the owner's reps you work with.

Topics covered in this construction podcast include:

  • When should an owner file liquidated damages when a project is delayed?
  • What are the most important things to keep an eye on as an owner representative?
  • What are the most critical aspects in a project that should be done in the front end of a project?
  • The things an owner's rep should STAY OUT OF.

Keys to successfully working with your owner's rep so you can get repeat business:

  • Identify and close the "Knowledge Gap"
  • Surprises are bad
  • Be a good steward of their time and attention
  • Don't be a problem collector 

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