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There's a myth that says if you're entrepreneurial, you have to own a business...or you're a quitter.  You can be entrepreneurial and be an employee.  

This episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from will show you some characteristics of an entrepreneurial employee, how you can set up a business inside an existing business, and what to do next:

Topics covered in this construction podcast include:

- Operating with a high sense of agency

- Why you need a bias toward action

- Objective focus vs. obstacle focus

- Taking an employee

- Solving problems vs. collecting them

- How to & why you should support the boss

- Embracing the process

- How to structure a "business inside a business"

- Setting up a compensation package that's win-win

- An ownership stake in the business may not be a good thing

- What you need to do next

If you lead a construction business, as the owner, CEO, COO, vice president, general manager or any other role that involves leading and growing a construction business...I want to help you.

Imagine this.  What if you could....

- Focus on being strategic and growing your business.
- Spend your time developing your team.
- Feel like you own a business, not just  own a job.
- Make the jump and get to the next step with your business.
- Spend less time putting out fires and dealing with minutae.
- Have systems in place to reduce the chaos.

What if you stay stuck where you're at?

- What will happen when the economy changes?
- How long have you been frustrated?  Is it going to get better by itself?
- What's going to happen if you keep going the same thing?

As I said, I want to help you, and the best way I can do that is with the Advanced Construction Leadership Community.

Head over to to find out how it will help you.


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