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Get control of your cash flow - Maximize revenue - Sell better to sell more - Maximize personal productivity - Increase crew productivity...

These are a few of the Top 10 Things you can do if you own or manage a construction business, to make this the best year ever.

Here are the Top 10 Ways to Make This the Best Year Ever:

#1. Get control of your cash flow

- Poor cash flow is not a's a symptom of other problems.

A few strategies to improve your cash flow include...

- Reduce "opportunity cost."

- Figure out "invoicing gymnastics" to speed up payments

- Eliminate "ticket starvation" to make sure you get paid for 100% of the work you do.


#2. Maximize revenue

- Your business is a revenue generating machine that turns days into dollars.

A few strategies that will help you maximize revenue include...

- Identify your key revenue producing activities

- Figure out who your key revenue producing employees are

- Eliminate, Automate and Delegate

- Operate with a "Right to Left" mentality 


#3. Sell sell more

- Understand the psychology of selling.

- Learn how to talk to customers about THEM...and not YOU.

- Get over your mindset issues related to selling

- Put systems in place

Go listen to Episode 38 and Episode 61 for more on selling.


#4. Maximize personal productivity

- Only do what only you can do.

- Outsource, delegate, automate, and eliminate


#5. Increase crew productivity

- Over invest in planning your work

- Understand how to motivate your people

- Create systems and processes to help them operate at peak efficiency.

- Help them make you more money


#6. Recruit and hire to build your business

- Determine the right time to hire.

- Create a job description.

- Find qualified candidates.

- Know how to interview them and find out the right information.

- Figure out a compensation package.

- Training and on-boarding process so they succeed.


#7. Harness the power of effective delegation

- You need to build leaders to grow your business.

- Stop being a micro-manager...just stop it!

- Get past the mindset issues preventing you from delegating.

- Learn how to be "end result" focused, instead of "how to" focused.


#8. Master the art of handling conflict

- Unresolved conflict is a productivity killer, causes lots of good people to go work elsewhere, and is a leading cause of business failure.


#9. Sharpen your planning skills

- Lincoln said, "Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe."

- Get better at planning for strategic business decisions, hiring, safety, revenue, profit, staffing...everything.

- Planning is solving problems in the future, before they happen.


#10. Learn how to build systems

- A business consists of a lot of repetitive tasks that need a consistent process in order to get consistent results.

- Many business activities are about the transfer of information, and you need to build consistent systems for doing so.

- Systems for time tracking, change orders, sales, training, and invoicing, are all key to building your business.


The Good News:


First - These are all skills that you can learn.


Second - The Construction Business Accelerator is designed to help you with all of them.


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