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Why do architects and engineers leave out so many details?  What can you do if there is conflict between contractors and designers?  How do you solve this age old problem?

This episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast is a conversation with Spencer Fullerton, who has the unique experience of being a consulting engineer and a construction superintendent.

Topics you'll hear about in this construction podcast episode:

  • Why design details can get missed, or left out intentionally.
  • Who actually does a lot of the detailed design?
  • Why is there often animosity between contractors and designers?
  • Two statements you can make that will build trust.
  • The problem with specifying execution details, and why specifying end results is better.
  • Strategies you can use to make your interactions with designers smoother.
  • The problem with the old RFI process.
  • Advice you should heed if you're starting your career in design or construction.

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How to contact Spencer - spencerfullerton10(at)

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