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Tips for making your next big hire. Attacking the skilled labor shortage problem. Misconceptions about women in the trades. Misconceptions about millennials in construction.  

Episode #70 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is a conversation with Human Resources expert Luiza Mills, VP of Human Resources for a large electrical contractor in New England.

Topics you'll learn about in this construction podcast:

  • Advice for making your next big hire.
  • Unique strategies for solving the skilled labor shortage.
  • Common misconceptions about women in the trades, and what we can co about it.
  • How lean manufacturing methods can help the skilled labor shortage.
  • What it means to have "internal customers."
  • How do you keep millennials from leaving your company?


How you can get in touch with Luiza Mills:

Luiza's email: lmills(at)

Interstate Electrical Services website:


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

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