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Biggest employment mistakes contractors make. A defense you can use for an OSHA citation. Payment dispute tips. Employee or independent contractor?

Episode #74 of The Construction Leading Edge construction podcast from is an interview...really more of a master class with construction attorney Philip Siegel.

Philip Siegel is an attorney who specializes in helping general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers stay out of and get out of trouble when it comes to labor/employment law, OSHA citations, contract consulting, payment disputes, and construction litigation.

What you're going to learn about in this construction podcast:
  1. What is the unforeseeable employee misconduct defense in response to an OSHA citation? 
  2. Why drug testing?  
  3. How to avoid payment disputes and get paid faster.
  4. Medical marijuana - What you may not be aware of.
  5. What you need to know if you work in a state with legalized marijuana
  6. Independent contractor or employee? How to stay out of trouble.
  7. Top 3 employment mistakes contractors make
  8. One thing every contractor should do this week to avoid trouble with a federal agency that is ramping up activity right now.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

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