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A strong and positive mindset is the most important characteristic of an outstanding leader. Learn how to de-bug your belief system by identifying and conquering the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success. 


A preview of what you'll learn in this episode: 

Limiting beliefs 1 - 5 

  1. Obstacle focus vs. Objective focus : An obstacle focus will limit you to obsessing over the obstacles to achievement rather than the objective you are working towards.
  2. Scarcity mentality: People stuck in a scarcity mentality believe that everything is a zero sum game. They believe that selling means taking and struggle with paranoia.
  3.  Success as a destination: "When I accomplish ______ all my problems will be gone." Success is in the process. Believing that success is a destination is a recipe for disappointment.
  4.  Achievement vs. appreciation: An achievement centered mindset brews frustration. Choosing appreciation over achievement frees up mental space wasted on frustration and replaces it with gratitude and focus.
  5. The escape route mentality: Spending time working on a "Plan B" or finding a way out of your current project drains you of energy that should be channeled towards project execution.

Listen for the full rundown of the 37 limiting beliefs!

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