The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Don't be a hammer in search of a nail. Andy Rosic of The Home Depot and Todd Dawalt chat about the pitfalls of a solution obsessed mindset. 

In this episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast you'll learn: 

  • Key problem solving methods for business owners. 
  • How to switch from selling solutions, to adapting to solving customer's unique problems. 
  • How to cut down on waste in project management.  
  • The importance of software and technology in the construction industry. 
  • Industry insights from working with contractors. 

How to get in touch with Andy Rosic: 

Andy's email: 

Andy's website:    

Resources mentioned in the podcast:  

Secrets of successful contractors video series.  

The Construction Business Accelerator: Boost Revenue 27%, Put Financial Stress Behind You and Turn Your Business Into a Well-Oiled Profitable Machine. 

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