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Can a couple run a business together?  How do you draw the line between home and business...or does there even need to be a line?

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What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode:

  • Keys to running a construction business as a couple.
  • The importance of having a clear vision and goals for the growth of Matt and Katyana's business.
  • Why are Matt and Katyana so good at implementing and making stuff happen?
  • What did they do to accelerate their business so quickly?
  • Finding the right balance between creativity and systems.
  • What role did mindset play in the growth of Matt and Katyana's business?
  • What would they tell you about being in Todd Dawalt's coaching program?

Other resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

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How to connect with Matt and Katyana:

Their website -

Instagram - @entreprisejackson

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