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Homebuilders and remodelers should check out these featured exhibitors and speakers at IBS 2019 in Vegas.  You'll also get some tips for eliminating chaos and making time slow down.

Tips for Eliminating Chaos and Making Time Slow Down:

  1. Batch communication with customers
  2. Focus on the handoff points in your project
  3. Clearly establish roles and responsibilities
  4. Fire yourself from bookkeeping, and partner with a company like Apparatus Contractor Services.
  5. Run your business "right to left" using the Revenue Maximizer method 

"Just starting to think "right to left" has been a huge lead domino...I'm starting to enjoy my job.  I haven't enjoyed my job in a long time. I see things unfolding and I have hope now."  Thomas A.

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Featured Exhibits You Should Check Out at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas:

STACK Construction Technologies

STACK Construction Technologies provides cloud-based, takeoff and estimating software that can be used by all types of contractors including custom home builders, general contractors, roofers, painters, flooring installers, drywallers, landscapers, plumbers and other trades.

Booth Location: Visit STACK in Booth #SU216 located in the South Hall.
CoConstruct is a web and mobile based Construction Management System for custom home builders and remodelers, and their mission us to reduce chaos in your day to create a rewarding building experience for both you and your clients.
Thousands of companies rely on CoConstruct every day to coordinate their projects, communicate with their clients and crew, and control all the financials of their business.
Booth Location: Visit the CoConstruct team in Booth # SU1025
Featured Presentations You Should Check Out at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas:
#1. Managing Business Growth: A Roadmap for Taking the Leap from Small to Medium & Beyond - Spencer Padgett

A small builder's business is in constant flux, and finding an avenue for growth can be daunting. The ability to scale sales, operations, construction supervision and client services allows growth to happen—but only if it is tightly managed and the risks are addressed. (Click here for more details)
#2. Hunting for Unicorns: Creating the Skilled Labor You Need by Attracting & Cultivating Talent - Shawn Van Dyke
This advanced session explores why construction companies must shift from "hiring for skill" to "recruiting for talent" in order to remain relevant in the coming years, and how to develop recruiting, hiring, and training practices that show Millennials a path...(Click here for more details)
#3. Learning and Growing Through Podcasts - Devon Tilly
When was the last time you signed up for a course, read a business management book or went to an HBA meeting to hear a great speaker? It’s likely that most builders haven’t done more than one of those things in the past year.  (Click here for more details)
#4. It's Not a Skilled Labor Problem...It's a Process Problem - Todd Dawalt
The skilled labor shortage in the construction industry isn't really a "problem."  The shortage of skilled labor is actually a symptom of an underlying process problem.  In this session you will uncover some of the process problems hidden in plain sight, how another industry is addressing its skilled labor shortage and what you can do, such as adopting offsite building solutions, to relieve the strain on your labor force before you hire more employees.  (Click here for more details)
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