The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

What are some of the biggest mistakes contractors make with W.C? What should your broker be doing for you on your W.C. policy?  How can you get your Experience Mod down? 

What you'll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • What is your Experience Modification Rating, and how can you get it reduced?
  • How can you minimize your Worker's Comp premiums?
  • How often should your broker have an accountability check, and what questions should you ask them?
  • What are some of the biggest misconceptions about worker's comp insurance?
  • What is a "Unit Stat Report" and why should your broker be preparing one for you?

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

FieldChat - The ultimate text messaging platform for construction sites

The ADVANCE - The live 2 day mastermind meeting for construction business owners - October 17-18, 2019 in Lexington, KY




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