The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

What's my #1 business development strategy that prohibits talking about yourself?  Where should you start transforming your mindset?


What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode:

  • Want to break into a new market or just build your network?  Try this strategy out.
  • If you don't talk about yourself, who should you talk about when building a network?
  • How to use social media to build your referral network...without doing any selling.
  • One thing you can do for three minutes a day that will change your life.
  • A dead simple way to start creating systems and processes for your business.
  • One question you probably haven't thought about answering as you begin to build systems.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

FieldChat - The ultimate text messaging platform for construction sites

The ADVANCE - Live 2 day mastermind event for construction business owners


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