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How does Toby Jones get work without even bidding?  Why did he gladly pay $10,000 for a phone number?


What you'll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • How does Toby manage to get work without even bidding?
  • What phone number did he pay $10,000 for, and why was it such a good investment?
  • How did his business get started in a Borders book store one night?
  • The difference between commercial and residential, and which one Toby focuses exclusively on.
  • Toby's #1 piece of advice that will make you rethink how you approach your subs and clients.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

FieldChat - The ultimate text messaging platform for construction sites.

The ADVANCE Live 2 Day Event for Construction Business Owners


How to connect with Toby Jones of Jones Construction Solutions:

Jones Construction Solutions website -

Facebook Page

Instagram - @jonesconstructionsolutions



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