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How did Joel make the jump from electrician to business owner?How did an "epic failure" set him up for success? How can commitment be infectious?

What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

  • What does Joel mean, "the only way out is through?"
  • How your commitment level can be infectious.
  • One question that's better than, "what can I do?"
  • The difference between crockpot and microwave thinking.
  • Why you can never really be fully prepared to own a construction business.
  • The surprising parallels between marriage and business.
  • Why Joel's advice to his 20 year old self would be, "You're the problem."

Resources and tools mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

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Systematize Your Construction Business - Free Video Series - 

The ADVANCE: Bottom Line Growth Hacks & Secrets for Builders and Contractors - Live Event -


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