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What are systems you can use to eliminate tire kickers, close more sales, eliminate chaos, and boost profits?  Here are 5 questions from podcast listeners that will help you.

Questions I answer in this construction podcast episode:

  1. How do we do job cost tracking so we can check it with our original estimate and know if we are estimating correctly and making a profit?
  2. I want to polish our whole business up.  Where should I start?
  3. We need a process for how to pass projects from sales to project management.
  4. What are pricing strategies and ways to close more sales?  Many times I lose jobs because I am either priced too high or because someone else was referred...and I was found on the web.
  5. How do I eliminate tire kickers?

Resources and tools mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

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Systematize Your Construction Business - Free Video Series - 

The ADVANCE: Bottom Line Growth Hacks & Secrets for Builders and Contractors - Live Event -

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