The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

When their business almost failed in 2016, Rob, his brother and his Dad realized some weaknesses that needed to be fixed, and it set them up for growth.  

What you'll learn from this construction podcast episode:

  • How their near failure in 2016 set them up for success.
  • Keys Rob has learned to running a business with his dad and brother.
  • The question Rob would ask you if you tell him you're thinking about starting your own business.
  • How one person can be a cancer to your team.
  • There are no shortcuts in construction.
  • Rob's story of how he went from working in the trades to being a construction business owner.

Resources and tools mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

The ADVANCE: Bottom Line Growth Hacks & Secrets for Builders and Contractors - Live Event -

25 Questions to Qualify Leads:

How to Build a Healthy Backlog of High Margin Work - Get your free copy of my video course -


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