The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

What's one thing you should do at the beginning of a crisis that your banker might not like? How can you make your business a "hard target" for failure? Spencer Padgett and I discuss...

What you'll get out of this construction podcast:

  • Advice from a couple of guys who have been through financial disaster before.
  • A few things you can to set up a proper baseline to deal with all the chaos.
  • Some advice that your banker might not appreciate.
  • Five lessons you can learn from a financial crisis, and what you can do right now.
  • A few self-destructive behaviors to avoid (from personal experience.)
  • How to use the COVID-19 induced recession as an opportunity.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

CoConstruct - The software and community that will help you run your entire construction business. 

More details on CoConstruct at this link -


Apparatus Team - Offload your bookkeeping, reporting and payroll headaches.  Learn more at this link - 


Eliminate Profit Bleeds - Schedule a free strategy call (if still available) with Todd Dawalt by selecting a time at this link -

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