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When Kelly Hollatz left her corporate event planning career to start a construction safety business, she was turned down by every bank she met with.  What lessons from beauty pageants kept her going? What does she mean "the weak weed themselves out of her team?"

What you'll hear in this construction podcast episode with Kelly Hollatz owner of First Star Safety:

- How a conversation with a man in a restaurant affected her entrepreneurial journey.

- The lessons she learned from participating in beauty pageants that set her up for business success.

- How to boost your confidence.

- How she didn't back down or quit after being turned down by every banker she met with.

- "Doing what you're passionate about is a cardinal mistake."

- The difference between being comfortable and complacent.

- Making it your strong suit to find your weaknesses.

- What she looks for in a potential employee, and why the weak weed themselves out of her company.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

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How to get in touch with Kelly Hollatz:

Kelly's LinkedIn page

Company Facebook page

First Star Safety's Instagram page


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