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What is the most overlooked part of the sales process, and why is the 55+ market a "blue ocean" for builders?

This is an interview with Paul Hanson, President of Epcon Franchising, where he helps builders develop Epcon Communities’ luxury homes and communities that have proven very popular with 55+ homebuyers.

What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

- The most overlooked phase of the sales process.
- How do you qualify leads into prospects?
- Do emotions come into play in the sales process, and if
- What's different about the 55+ demographic?
- Keys to picking a site for land development?
- What is the blue ocean opportunity for homebuilders?
- The Epcon Franchising model, and where to get more information?
- One little nugget is a service that will give you demographic information in an area, so you can analyze it for your business...or a new housing community.


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