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EPISODE 232: There's a hidden profit bleed that is killing contractors.  They can feel it but can't see it because it never shows up on an invoice or a bank statement. The worst effects can last a lifetime... 

What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode:

- Bagpipes in Nebraska.

- What is this hidden profit bleed?

- How your future wealth is affected by it.

- The only thing you may need to do in order to get paid more.

- A lesson from physics.

- What you should give the grave, and what you shouldn't take with you.

- One form of this profit bleed that can't be measured, but could have the most impact on your life.

- A simple 3 step process you can use to start reducing the effect of this profit bleed in your business and life.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

The Builder Mastermind Group - Avoid costly mistakes by sharing ideas with a group of like minded construction business owners.

Schedule a Strategy Call with Todd Dawalt -

Infratech Outdoor Heaters -

CompanyCam - Document your jobs and protect your company -



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