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EPISODE 246: How do you feel about the amount of hard earned money you pay to the federal government in taxes?  If there was a federal program designed to reduce your tax liability, but you didn’t know about it, would you want to take advantage of it?

This episode is about overpayment recovery and will pull the curtains back on federal tax credits that could be available to you.  Credits that a lot of CPA’s don’t know about, or won’t dig into. Tax credits that a lot of small and medium sized construction businesses are taking advantage of.

In this construction podcast episode, you’ll hear my interview with Justin Rupple, a Tax Incentive Specialist answer a few questions, including:

  • What are some of the little known tax credits that are available to construction business owners?
  • How much money is being left on the table every year by the average construction business?
  • Why is it that a lot of CPAs don’t know about, or go after these tax credits?
  • Who are some of the construction businesses who have recovered their overpayments, and how much did they get back?
  • How does the process of recovering your overpayment work, and what’s the first step?
  • What is this tax credit program, and why does it exist?
  • What is the biggest reason most small businesses miss out on these tax credits?

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Take the first step to recover your tax overpayments -

Get Out of Your Business: Make it Run Without You This Year: Free online training workshop -

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