The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

EPISODE 259: Is your business headed for a tipping point? Are you personally approaching a tipping point? Over the next few minutes you’re going to go through our 12 point assessment to help you find out.

What you’ll take away from this construction podcast episode:

  • What does it look like when you hit a tipping point in your business?
  • A 12 point assessment to determine if you or your business is approaching a tipping point.
  • How Starving Horse Syndrome shows up.
  • Symptoms that your team could be in a red line condition.
  • Some examples of stress-induced health issues I’ve discussed with construction business owners recently.
  • What the stress of your business could actually be doing to your family.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Get Out of Your Business: Make it Run Without You This Year: Free online training workshop -

Apply to Work with Our Team to Systematize Your Construction Business:

Raken - Get the data you need to build better projects with an app your field crews will actually use -

Hover - Accurate measurements, collaborative design tools, and dependable estimates are all ways HOVER helps you serve your customers better and improve your operations to grow your business.



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