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EPISODE 229: What were the benefits of starting his homebuilding business in 2008? Alex Gregg explains, and also discusses some keys to setting expectations with multi-million dollar customers and knowing when to say "No."

Here's what you're going to learn about in this construction podcast episode with Alex Gregg:

- The benefits of starting a homebuilding business in 2008.

- Keys to communicating with customers on multi-million dollar projects.

- Expectations he sets with his clients.

- How Alex thinks about failure, and a term that's better than failure.

- How being part of the Builder Mastermind Group has re-energized him.

- How using templates helps him automate his projects, avoid reinventing the wheel every time, and which templates he's been focused on.

- The importance of knowing your costs.

- How to know when to say No.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Live Meetup November 11-12 in Sarasota, FL -

The Builder Mastermind Group -

Schedule a Strategy Call with Todd Dawalt -


How to connect with Alex Gregg:

Website -

FaceBook -

Instagram -


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