The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

There are some counter-intuitive things you should be doing, and some mistakes to avoid during this recession. There's also one thing you should do that your banker might not like...

What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

  • The "ambulance chasers" that could come out in a few months, and how to prepare for them now.
  • How to recession proof your resume if you're an employee.
  • One thing you should consider doing right now that your banker might not appreciate.
  • Avoiding "air bubbles" in your backlog.
  • A surprising thing about marketing during a recession.
  • A few things you should be tracking right now to set yourself up in case you want to make an insurance claim.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Rock the Recession - The book by Jonathan Slain -


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Eliminate Profit Bleeds - Schedule a free strategy session with Todd Dawalt to identify your biggest profit bleeds and map out a plan to eliminate them -