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EPISODE 281: Learning to say no to the people or things that don't serve you or your business gives you room to say yes to those that do.

And we've invited someone who just skyrocketed his construction business by saying no and focusing on the people.

In this week's episode, I sit down with Mikhail Gannage, president of Gannage Design  & Construction. Mikhail went from being a long-time robotics engineer to running their family-owned construction business.

According to Mikhail, by being selective in what projects he and his team take on, they have seen tremendous business growth - something they haven’t seen in years.

So he's here to share the main root cause of his company’s profit bleeding and the systems and changes he implemented that grew his construction business from 2% to a whopping 15% net profit.

He also talks about the connection between an accountability chart and a good handoff to profitability, the benefits of being in a mastermind group of construction business owners, and why working less makes him a better leader.

Tune in now to learn more!


Key Takeaways:

From robotics engineering to construction business owner (01:06)

Best advice for those taking over a family business (04:42)

Business problems Mikhail was dealing with (09:59)

The main root cause of profit bleeding and its ripple effects (13:08)

Most impactful systems and changes that grew his business (23:32)

Dealing with one big hairy audacious goal (29:49)

On accountability chart, good handoff and profitability (35:36)

A peek into his construction business’s numbers (42:07)

Benefits of being in a mastermind group (49:15)

Why do construction business owners isolate themselves? (53:35)

Why working less means doing more? (56:32)

The biggest question to ask when starting a business (58:36)

One final piece of advice (1:01:39)


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