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How to get started with Lean Construction, even if you have no idea where to start...

David Umstot is the President of Umstot Project and Facilities Solutions, LLC.  He is a California-registered Professional Civil Engineer with 29 years of leadership experience in private sector and public agency construction program management and facilities management. 
He has delivered more than $2 Billion in construction projects, and he is an expert in project delivery methods, specifically lean construction.  
We cover topics including:
- Lean construction techniques that will help your foremen nearly double their success rate at meeting schedule and production commitments.
- How Lean Construction methods can help you speed up your projects and make more money.
- The fundamental mindset shifts you need to make to be more successful.
- A better way to plan your projects, and how you can never issue meeting minutes again.
- What is the Last Planner system?
- How to get started with Lean, even if you have no idea where to start.
-Why being a successful "firefighter" on a project can be a bad thing.
- The psychology of motivation that Lean planning taps into.
How to connect with David Umstot:
Company website -
David's LinkedIn page (which also has some interesting articles and videos)
Email - david.umstot (at)
Resources mentioned in this episode:
Archisnapper - A great way to create good looking reports to keep your clients informed on projects.
41 Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Conflict At Work - Download the entire list and see which ones you are guilty of.


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