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EPISODE 285: Are you part of or considering joining a family construction business? Do you find it hard to handle a family partnership?

Our guest for today has learned it the hard way.

In this week's episode, Systematized Your Construction Business (SYCB) coach, Monish Khadye, sits down with construction business owner and SYCB mentee Jake Lewendal.

Jake built Momentum Development after coming out from two business partnerships, one of which was a family partnership that took a toll on his family.

Today, Jake shares some key learnings from his family partnership, the best practices when considering joining a family business, and a few crucial things you must do upfront when setting up a business partnership.

He also talks about handling hard conversations and rejections, the positive ripple effects he has experienced in life and business after joining SYCB, and more.

Let's jump in!

Key Takeaways:

How Jake got into the construction world (03:16)

The biggest shift that turned him from failure to success (08:57)

How their family construction business broke down (15:24)

On filling up the void with a business partner (21:20)

Tips for people who are a part of or considering joining a family partnership (31:43)

What he believes to be true in business that others find unconventional? (43:57)

How Jake’s strengths became his weaknesses (45:56)

Crucial questions to ask when starting a construction business (1:02:56)

How to deal with rejection and build a rejection-proof routine (1:04:07)

The main construction problems he had before joining SYCB (1:16:54)

Most impactful things he learned from the SYCB program (1:25:13)

How to systematize your construction business (1:42:39)


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