The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Boost your sales by learning some insider secrets only bankers usually know about.

What you'll get from this construction podcast episode:

- Insider secret about financing that contractors need to know about.

- Two things lenders care about.  There are only two.

- Why Giri Addanki says "Zero percent interest cards are just kicking the can down the road."

- How can contractors use financing to increase sales...even commercial contractors?

- The three different financing models that are out there, and a relatively new model that's "bringing the marketplace to the kitchen table."

- Misconceptions about offering financing.

- How the flow of money works when you offer financing.

- Mistakes they make when getting set up with a lender?

- What are the biggest problems contractors can solve by offering financing?


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Acorn Finance -

CoConstruct Software: Run your entire business on it -

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