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EPISODE 270: The only time contractors get involved and talk with an attorney is when something goes wrong. Do you agree?

To prove that claim, we have Attorney Marc Gravely on the podcast today, whose work is on representing owners exclusively in construction disputes with general contractors, architects, and engineers.

Atty. Gravely is here to share with us the common construction defects in building that lead to litigations, how to avoid or reduce the risk, insurance and contracts, and everything in between.

So, make sure to tune in on this one and get yourself informed so you won’t have to deal with any litigations.

Let's get started!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Atty. Marc Gravely (04:25)

What do lawyers think about contractors? (05:36)

Most common construction defects in buildings that lead to litigation (09:57)

How to reduce the risk of construction defects (15:14)

The missing process (18:15)

Most common mistakes contractors make (22:05)

GMP, time, and material contracts (25:04)

How can a contractor protect themselves (26:39)

How contractors should respond to issues (32:22)

Mistakes to avoid that people make worse (38:30)

The truth about a business that some find unconventional (43:07)

Failures that set him up for later success (44:16)

Marc's Reframing America's Infrastructure book (46:18)


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