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EPISODE 264: What happens if you step away from your business for a week or a month? Would it thrive, survive or fail? 

Is it even possible to run a business without you yet making eight sales figures? 

Yes, it's possible! Someone cracked the code, and that's what you are about to learn today.

We have Marc-André La Barre of Lib. as our guest for today, and he'll let us in on his secrets on what makes his design and construction service company runs like a well-oiled machine with little to no involvement from him. (His company just made $14M in sales on commercial services last year.)

In today's episode, Marc and I will dive deeper into ...

- His company's core values and how those translate to success

- How to design a business that runs without you?

- The mindset shifts needed 

- and a whole lot more

If you're a visionary who thrives in new business ideas and wants to create a business that runs without you, then you shouldn't miss out on this.

Let's get started!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Marc (01:02)

How did it all started? (01:56)

From residential to commercial services (10:38)

What is Lib and what are its core values? (16:38)

How do Lib's values show up for its staff and clients? (19:44)

Marc's interpretation of E-myth (23:31)

How to design a business that runs without you? (27:08)

On trusting your staff and making mistakes (39:38)

Why share equity in your business? (43:31)

Mindset shifts needed for success (45:36)

Episode wrap-up (59:18)


Additional Resources:

- FREE online training workshop: Get Out of Your Construction Business: How to Make it Run Without You here

- Learn how to recession-proof your business here

- Work with our team to systematize your business here 

- Books mentioned in this episode:


Connect with Marc:

- Visit Lib’s company website here

- Or email them at



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