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EPISODE 226: Most contractors aren't really in the building business. Why did John Wojtas downsize from 40 employees in 19 states, and how has he scaled his custom homebuilding business in the last year?


What you'll learn about in this construction podcast episode with John Wojtas of Paxis Group:

- Why John downsized from 40 employees working in 19 states.

- How he has grown from 4 to 13 employees in about 14 months.

- When 80% of schedule overruns can be prevented

- Why his company doesn't bid on projects.

- A surprising benefit of using a Preconstruction Services Agreement.

- Why John says he's not really in the building business, as a custom home builder.

- The power of the pause.

- Why he joined the Builder Mastermind Group, and the benefits he's seen as a member.

- Crack the Code segment: One surprising strategy John uses with his people.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:


The Builder Mastermind Group - Avoid costly mistakes by sharing ideas with a group of like minded construction business owners.

Schedule a Strategy Call with Todd Dawalt -


Start using the Preconstruction Services Agreement to Get Paid for Estimates -


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