The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

EPISODE 213: What you'll hear about in this construction podcast episode:

- Why Margaret Whelan says we have a process constraint, not a labor constraint.

- What's going on with the build to rent product.

- How to be a thought leader.

- Creating demand vs. adding to supply.

- The builders who are disrupting housing.

- The best career advice Margaret received.

- Why some of the biggest homebuilders aren't really homebuilders.

- Why successful builders build every house twice

-The biggest risk to the homebuilding industry right now?

- What are some things going on at the macro level of the housing industry Margaret is most interested in?

-The biggest opportunities builders should prepare to jump on over the next few years.

- Autopsy accounting

- What you need to do if you want to sell your business.

How to connect with Margaret Whelan:

Company website -

LinkedIn -

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

STRUXI Labor Productivity Software -

Apparatus Bookkeeping Service -

Construction Financial Masterclass -


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