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EPISODE 255: Is the chaos on your projects and frustration with your team a result of unclear roles and responsibilities?  What are the ripple effects on your team, customers and trade partners?  What are some unexpected good side effects of a good organizational design?

What you’ll take away from this construction podcast episode:


  • The symptoms of unclear roles and responsibilities in an organization.
  • Starving horse syndrome, and how it shows up.
  • The ripple effect of unclear roles and responsibilities on company culture and your customers.
  • What happens when your customers lose confidence.
  • One reason you may never be able to sell your business.
  • What happens when a business gets small again, according to the book The E-myth.
  • The unexpected side effects of doing the work to create your Accountability Chart.
  • What it could look like when you design your organization for the future.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode: 

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Apply to Work with Our Team to Systematize Your Construction Business:

Raken - Get the data you need to build better projects with an app your field crews will actually  use -

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