The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Why you should have the "Always Be The Buyer" mindset, and how clarity is the gateway to confidence.


What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

  • Why you should approach every transaction with a "buyer" mindset...even when you're the seller.
  • Why you need to narrow down the clients you work with, and what to expect when you start doing it.
  • How clarity in your numbers leads to confidence, and the interesting ripple effects that come along with that.
  • Common bookkeeping mistakes you could be making.
  • How Steve Kreitzberg operates as a "parallel entrepreneur."
  • The chronic problem that caused Steve to start up Apparatus Contractor Services.
  • One myth about Quickbooks that you may have heard.
  • The interesting term Europeans use for what Americans call "revenue."


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Apparatus Contractor Services - Bookkeeping, Payroll and Reporting for Contractors only -

Billd - They'll pay your supplier up front and give you 120 day terms.  Learn more at

CoConstruct - Schedule your projects, see all your financials, and eliminate chaos in your business.  My #1 recommendation for builders and remodelers -

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