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EPISODE 275: We all know how systems and processes could make or break your construction business. But what's holding you back from taking those dramatic changes that could increase your business profitability?

In this week's episode, I've invited Michael Moore, owner and President of Waterton Construction Group. Waterton Construction is a hardscape site work improvement company based in north Texas. 

Michael is here to share with us the systems and processes he used to increase his company's revenue by 30% and profitability by 60% year over year.

He also talks about the effects of creating positive pressure for himself, the concept of stewardship, how it affects how Michael runs his business, and the systems and processes he had put in place to grow his business to eight figures working only twenty hours a week.

Let's jump right in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Michael Moore (05:40)

Best habits that Michael picked up while working for a production builder (10:20)

What led Michael to reach out for a business coach? (15:24)

Most impactful systems and changes that moved the needle (25:55)

The moment when Michael realized what his doing was working (38:22)

What the business looks like now? (42:07)

How his business growth impacted his personal life (46:37)

On putting positive pressure on you (53:40)

The most valuable part of being in a construction CEO group (1:02:51)

What does stewardship in a business mean? (1:06:11)

Mindset shifts that are crucial to his success (1:08:45)

Episode wrap-up (1:15:05)


Additional Resources:

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Connect with Michael:

-  Find Michael on LinkedIn HERE

- Check out Waterton Construction Group HERE



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