The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

EPISODE 228: What you're going to learn from this construction podcast episode with Tom Reber:

-Your customers are always feeling something. Whose job is it to be in control of what they're feeling?

- What is the Contractor Fight? The person you're fighting may surprise you.

- Some of the common self-imposed struggles you may be dealing with.

- Why Tom says it's a 100% guarantee you're the problem.

- Why you shouldn't wish it was easier.

- How things are probably much simpler than you're making them.

- Tom explains the question, "Can you win six seconds?"

- Tom also talks about his book and a TV show that are coming out soon.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Free copy of Winning the Contractor Fight by Tom Reber -

Live Meetup November 11-12 in Sarasota, FL -

The Builder Mastermind Group -

Schedule a Strategy Call with Todd Dawalt -


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