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Guy Sanders of DPR Construction, one of the largest contractors in the US, shares strategies you can use to grow your team and grow your business by building relationships with large contractors like DPR.

DPR Construction is #21 on the 2015 ENR Top 400 Contractors list with $2.9 billion annual revenue and 2,600 employees.  Guy Sanders is one of DPR's leaders and talent managers, and we discuss topics including the following:

  • How to know when you have the wrong people on the bus, and you need to make a change.
  • DPR's philosophy, "Who we build is as important as what we build."
  • How company culture affects people growth.
  • How subcontractors can build relationships with large contractors like DPR Construction.
  • Mistakes subcontractors make when trying to build relationships.

How to connect with Guy:

Guy Sanders on LinkedIn

Guy's email address - Guys(at)


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Listen as Greg Howell tells the origin story of Lean Construction

Welcome to episode #42 of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast from, which is a great interview with Greg Howell, a founding father of Lean Construction.

In this interview Greg shares some amazing insights and stories on the following topics:

  • How the Lean Construction movement got started.
  • Greg's experience as a Navy SeaBee, and how that influenced Lean.
  • The impact of one commanding officer's leadership style, and how it changed Greg's approach to leadership.
  • The books he recommends that you read
  • A few paradigm shifts that construction leaders need to make.
  • The difference between an order and a promise.
  • One unexpected benefit of Lean principles that he can't quite explain yet.
  • Why he only gave a few orders as a commanding officer in Vietnam...and one of them involved a monkey.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Power To The Edge - Command and Control In The Information Age

Team of Teams - McChrystal, Collins, Silverman and Chris Fussell. (Click here to listen to my interview with Chris Fussell)

Turn The Ship Around - David Marquet

Normal Accidents: Living With High Risk Technologies - Charles Perrow

41 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Conflict At Work

Archisnapper - An app for creating good looking project reports and punchlists

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