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Skilled workforce shortage problem? Here are some tips...

Welcome to Episode #48 of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from, which tackles the skilled workforce shortage problem facing the construction industry.

Are you facing the upcoming months wondering how you're going to staff your project load?

Having more work than you have workers to do it is a good problem....but it's still a problem.

Maybe you have heard construction thought leaders discuss the skilled labor shortage in our industry, and heard them talk about going into high schools and trade schools to tell kids that a career in the construction industry is a great way to raise a family.

You're shaking your head thinking, "That's a great idea, but that doesn't help me next week or next month."

You need some solid strategies that will help you next month, next week...or even tomorrow.

If that's you, then this podcast will help.

You need to listen to the entire podcast, but here are a few nuggets for you.... 

Load shedding : The deliberate shutdown of parts of a system to prevent failure of the entire system, when demand strains the capacity of the system.

Load shedding, a strategy used by electrical engineers, can also be used to help solve your workforce shortage problem.

Step #1: Identify your Key Revenue Producing activities

Step #2: Determine the personnel involved in those activities - they are your Key Revenue Producers 

Step #3: Identify the non-revenue producing activities your Key Revenue Producers are spending time on

Step #4: Eliminate, Automate and Delegate to "load shed" those activities

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, moving material around the job, and time wasted talking.

Automate activities like timesheet tracking (Tsheets) and field reporting (Archisnapper)

Delegate activities like buying material, renting tools, servicing and transporting equipment to less skilled staff members.

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Hope this helps.


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