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This episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast from is an interview with serial construction entrepreneur Randal DeHart, who has started, built and sold multiple construction businesses in his career.  

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We cover topics including:

  • Why it's not the workers' fault you're not making money.
  • Why money is made in the office...not the field.
  • How you can make money by buying new equipment.
  • The "yellow fever" many contractors get every spring.
  • Should you buy equipment or pay taxes?
  • What's more important...reducing cost or increasing revenue?
  • Who should be on your five person board of advisors.
  • How to start thinking about succession planning.
  • Advice for you if you're thinking about starting a business.
  • How to make your field crew more profitable.

Resources mentioned:

W. Edwards Deming

"Until One is Committed" - The poem

How to connect with Randal:

His website -

Quickbooks templates available for download -

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