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How are you accidentally driving away first time customers?  What does Google REALLY care about?  How can you get more good online reviews?

What you'll get from this construction podcast episode:

  • What you may be doing to drive away first time customers.
  • What does Google really care about?  (It's not whether you're a big or small fact it has little to do with you.)
  • What you can do to get more positive online reviews.
  • How can you erase bad online reviews?
  • One strategy that will incentivize your employees to generate more positive online reviews.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:


Social Media for Remodelers - Done For You Service

Offload Your Bookkeeping and Payroll Headaches

Systematize Your Construction Business - Free Training Workshop


How you can learn more about Jay Bean's company, Freshlime:

Go to to get more info and request a demo.



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You can get difficult clients, bosses and employees to do what you want...even if they don't like you.


What you'll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • The surprising thing you should try to catch your employees doing.
  • How to turn difficult clients into fans.
  • Keys for getting difficult employees to step it up.
  • "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change."  What does that mean?
  • The psychological principals you want to use for good and not evil.
  • What kind of reinforcement actually works?
  • The surprisingly effective Ben Franklin Effect.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

FieldChat - The text messaging platform for construction jobsites.

Systematize Your Construction Business - Free training series

Schedule a free call with Todd & get more free resources

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Two leaders of organizations with billions in real estate assets sat down recently and talked about how they solve problems, grow their businesses and the future of construction.

What you'll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • Why Lisa Picard, CEO of EQ Office, isn't interested in sending out any more RFP's.
  • What does business travel at the speed of, and how does that affect you?
  • What the developers of billions of dollars of commercial real estate assets are looking for from their contractors in the future.
  • Brilliant ideas you can use to solve your problems and be more innovative.
  • What is a "hackathon" and how can you use it?
  • What does it mean to "red team" an issue?
  • Why you may want to have a FailCon event in your company.
  • Three big announcements ProCore rolled out at GroundBreak2019.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Secrets of Successful Contractors: The Free Video Series

Schedule Your Free Business Breakthrough Strategy Session with Todd Dawalt

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What shows up when you're committed, and how can adversity be a good thing?  Thomas Andrews, electrical construction business owner explains.

What you'll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • How did Thomas and I find ourselves in Quebec trying to order a weird drink to a french speaking bartender.
  • What happens (that's a little hard to explain) when you stop trying and commit?
  • "When you know your Why, the How comes naturally."
  • What has Thomas done in 2019 to dramatically change his business...and his mindset.
  • What would he tell you about The ADVANCE live event?


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

The ADVANCE live event for construction business owners

Systematize Your Construction Business - Click here to get the free training or join the waitlist to be notified when it runs again.


How to contact Thomas Andrews

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