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EPISODE 216: Kyle Little is the COO of Sherwood Lumber, one of the largest lumber distributors in the US.


What you're doing to get out of this construction podcast episode:

- What's going on behind the scenes of skyrocketing lumber prices...that most people don't know?

- How the fallout from 2008 connects to what's going on now.
- Is this the new norm with lumber prices?

- Is there a bubble coming?

- What does the supply chain working itself out look like?

- How can developer or contractor lock in price for a project in a year?

- Transitioning leadership to a new generation

- What does the future of the lumber prices look like from Kyle's perspective?

- What is Sherwood Lumber doing to help address the problem with lumber prices?


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

STRUXI Labor Productivity Software -

Apparatus Bookkeeping Service -

Construction Financial Masterclass -


How to connect with Kyle Little:

Company website -

LinkedIn -


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