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EPISODE 248: Here’s what you’ll take away from this construction podcast episode with Brady Fry, owner of Fry Classic Construction in Nashville:

  • What’s better than timely communication?
  • How his experience in the music industry helped him deal with construction issues.
  • How to pave a wide path to success for your team.
  • Why Brady strategically stopped using the word “estimate.”
  • Don’t negotiate against yourself during a project.
  • There are no casual conversations with clients.
  • Talent wants to be on a winning team.
  • The first person guy to get mad usually loses.
  • Figuring out the people is a lifetime endeavor.
  • How important psychology is to being a business owner.
  • Why a really talented person may not want to start their own business.   
  • The virtuous cycle of hiring talented people.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

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3 Questions To Get Paid for Estimates:  Don’t write up another free estimate until you watch this free training video -

How to connect with Brady Fry:

Instagram - 

Website -


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