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EPISODE 249: Should you set company goals by yourself? What happens when a business acquisition goes wrong? How can a lack of SOPs kill a job instantly? How is Jeremy Flaten, owner of Jerco Construction, actually getting young people interested in the skilled trades?

What you’ll take away from this construction podcast episode with Jeremy Flaten, owner of Jerco Construction:

  • One of the greatest perks of being a business owner that might surprise you.
  • How Jeremy uses hockey to get young people in the skilled trades.
  • Why you should never set goals by yourself.
  • How Jeremy is using Execution Plans to create a path to success with his team.
  • How to use social media, even if you hate social media.
  • How a business acquisition went wrong, and what Jeremy learned from it.
  • The business case for a clean jobsite.
  • What happened when Jeremy’s team started putting systems in place.
  • Not having SOPs can kill a job instantly.
  • If you’re not trying to better your business every day, you shouldn’t be in business.
  • Running a business is like coaching in real life.
  • How life is different after working in our coaching program.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Get Out of Your Business: Make it Run Without You This Year: Free online training workshop -

Raken - Get the data you need to build better projects with an app your field crews will actually  use -


How to connect with Jeremy Flaten:

Facebook -

Instagram -

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