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EPISODE 286: Bringing in a family member into your construction business and transitioning leadership is more challenging than you'd think.

But our guests for today had cracked the code and can now go on vacations without being on their phones or laptops.

In this week's episode, Construction Leading Edge's Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) coach Monish Khadye speaks with Tru Builders' owners, Max and Lori Christiansen, and their daughter/senior designer, Cassie Parra.

Today, Max, Lori, and Cassie share their lessons on how they made it through the 2008 slowdown, navigating business transition, and the systems and processes that make their construction business successful.

They also talk about the lessons they've learned from joining the SYCB program and its ripple effects on their business and lives.

Tune in now to learn more!


Key Takeaways:

How Tru Builders started (03:30)

On handing the business over to your kids vs. them earning it (08:41)

Being a designer is more than just the aesthetics (12:58)

Failures and lessons that set Tru Builders for later success (17:43)

On creating transparency with clients and charging the right amount (29:47)

Systems and processes that are working well for Tru Builders (36:42)

Lessons they learned from SYCB that made all the difference (44:55)

How are life and business different now after joining SYCB (52:27)

Tru Builders' 12-month and 5-year visions (1:00:03)

Three crucial systems to accelerate your business results (1:06:08)


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