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EPISODE 291: Do you feel like you're in this endless burnout cycle?

Our guest for today indeed felt that way. He was getting used to taking a mini break and then coming back into the same rut repeatedly. 

But he has finally decided to get away with it. How was he able to break that cycle after sixteen long years? Well, you're about to find out.

In this week's episode, Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) coach Monish Khadye sits down with Josh Fravel of Fravel Home Improvements.

Today, Josh talks about how he transitioned from wearing many hats to finally delegating tasks and letting go of control.

He also shares how he empowers his construction team, the main problems he faced that led him to join the SYCB program, and its ripple effects on his business and personal life.

Tune in now to learn more!


Key Takeaways:

Meet Josh and his works at Fravel Home Improvement (00:56)

Failure that set Josh up for later success (03:16)

From doing everything himself to delegating tasks (08:43)

On letting go of control (12:42)

The growth catalyst for his remodeling business (17:24)

On working with subcontractors and setting standards (19:50)

How to set up your employees for success (23:41)

One piece of advice he would give to his younger self (27:28)

Part of the business that Josh has cracked on (29:12)

What made him join the Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program (32:57)

Ripple effects after joining SYCB on his business and personal life (39:29)

Episode wrap-up (47:52)

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