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EPISODE 295: Do you ever wonder if you can get paid for estimates even when doing small home building, remodeling, or commercial projects?

In today's episode, we've invited one of our Masterclass students, Bobby Williams, president and CEO at BGW Construction in Indiana.

Today, Bobby shares his experience after joining our Get Paid for Estimates Masterclass. 

He talks about some of the biggest problems with giving out free estimates, why it's high time you start charging for pre-construction work, and the transformative ripple effects it can have on your construction business.

Tune in now to learn more!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Bobby Williams of BGW Construction (04:38)

What are the biggest problems that come with free estimates? (09:16)

Ripple effects of providing paid pre-construction services (12:37)

Don't compare yourself to your competition  (21:24)

The best of Get Paid for Estimates Masterclass (24:36)

Why sign up for the Get Paid for Estimates Masterclass? (31:13)

Episode wrap-up (34:29)


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