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EPISODE 302: Is it good for husband and wife to do business together?

In this week’s episode, Construction Leading Edge Director of Customer Success Leyah Hostetter sits with two of our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program students–Aaron and Ashley Steffens.

Aaron and Ashley are the husband and wife dynamic duo behind Moose Ridge Design-Build Construction, a custom remodeling company based in Iowa.

Today, they talk about their challenges running a construction business as a busy married couple. They share what they did to solve those challenges and what life looks like now after they went through the SYCB program.

Let’s get started!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Aaron and Ashley Steffens (06:22)

Difficulties that Aaron and Ashley had with their remodeling business (07:21)

What does it look like being married and working in the same company (09:04)

Main takeaways from the SYCB program (10:36)

The most beneficial change for their business (17:05)

How project templates move their business (17:56)

What does life look like now? (18:48)

Why say no to wrong clients (21:56)


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