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EPISODE 306: What would you do if every day all you’re doing is putting out fires in your business? Have you considered selling your construction business to escape the daily stress at work?

In this week’s guest, Leyah Hostetter, Construction Leading Edge’s Director of Customer Success, sits down with Michael Algren, owner of Algren Design & Building, to talk about the struggles he had with his luxury homebuilding and remodeling business and what did he do to transform it.

Michael was already on the verge of selling his construction business last winter to transfer to Vermont. The stress was just too much for him to take. It was already affecting his physical, mental, and emotional health until, one day, he came across our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program.

Today, Michael shares his business and personal life story before joining the SYCB program, how he lets his team create processes and empower them, what it’s like working for wealthy clients, and the systems he learned from SYCB that transformed his business.

Let’s jump in!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Michael Algren and his works (02:52)

How Michael’s business looked like before and its ripple effects (04:03)

What does it mean to be working with wealthy clients (08:06)

A different approach to solving tardiness issue (11:13)

How did Michael was able to let his team create their processes and solve problems (16:10)

What were the impactful lessons that Michael learned from the SYCB program (25:10)

How is life different now since Michael joined the SYCB program (28:33)

Blueprint to systematize your construction business (31:42)


Additional Resources:

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